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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I want this now!

I don't know why I'm enjoying Tool Academy so much. It's pretty bad. Anyways, I need to have this Zombie board game. WTF! I could probably play this shit for hours. HEAR ME NOW: IF YOU KNOW ME YOU KNOW I LOVE ZOMBIES. It's my dream one day to write an awesome book explaining the profound understanding zombie movie makers have of our psyches. An accredited academic zombie theses if you will. It's true! Shut up! You don't know!

V-Day Activities and Food

So here's how Valentine's Day went down. Elie got a surprise night off of work, which was so nice. I made roasted red pepper pesto from the Healthy Hedonsit. It came out way good! I even hand roasted the pepper over the a flame on the stove. I'm impressing myself (except for setting the chopstick I was using as a skewer on fire, two forks is better).
This picture may not look the most appetizing, but this is after I had been eating and pushing it around the plate. I was happy to have it again the next night for dinner. We also had a small salad to go along with it. But this time I had taken two baby cauliflower heads and sauteed them with a little bit of olive oil, fennel seeds, and garlic. I added those to the salads for a super flavorful crunch amongst the verdant greens. Of course, this was accompanied by my favorite beverage of organic green tea steeped with freshly grated ginger. Yes, that is my Smith College mug. I must always be representing the ivory tower 'cause that's how I role.
After that awesome meal we spent the evening watching T.V., eating some more, and playing Zombie Fluxx. What's Zombie Fluxx? Only the best zombie card game I've ever played!!! Whatever, all in all it was a lovely day.