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Sunday, September 13, 2009

The sewing machine hates me.

I've almost broken my Brother sewing machine twice tonight. Well, actually, it's Elie's sewing machine. I bought it for his birthday a couple of years ago. He's great with repairing rips in my clothing, making us curtains, and customizing his own hats with horns and patches. We can have pictures of that later. But I want in on the action too now! I'm trying to fix the pleats on a Tracy Reese dress that is just perfect for this fall weather. A friend of mine walked me through it about a year ago and I'm trying so hard to remember what she said about threading the machine.

Yes, people I struggled for an hour trying to thread the damn thing. I finally did it and trimphantly tested it out with a piece of stray chiffon. Is that perhaps a dangerous choice? Well, thank heaven that I did test it first, because the machine looked like it was eating the clothe! So, I cut it out, reathreaded everything, and tested again. Apparently, the machine is hungry, cause there goes the chiffon!!!! I've put everything away for the night and will have my lovely man-wife show me how to work the expensive Brother tomorrow. But not all is lost. Nick Cave is going to be in Union Square at a book signing tomorrow! EEEEEEEK!!!! Yay, I'm excited! Here's to Cave and then dinner at Curly's Vegetarian Cafe. If anyone has any advice on the whole sewing machine thing, well feel free to leave comments...Please!