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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Work of Art and Dirty List

I need to share this beautiful nutritious meal. So beautiful you could have an orgasm just looking at it. Look at it! It's kale and chanterelle mushrooms (yes, those ridiculously expensive ones, but I got mine for free when the man came home from a camping trip in California) sauteed with garlic. I don't know if that's best way to prepare those mushrooms, but I liked it. My grain was a tomatoey quinoa and chick pea mix that came from the Veganomican. Topped off with a few sesame seeds for a pleasant crunch, the meal was perfect. I've been big on the kale thing lately. But it's important to know that recently that mighty leafy green has been named one of the most pesticide ridden vegetables. Refer to this list, known as the "dirty dozen," to get the low down on the other most highly pesticide riddled fruits and veggies. These may be worth spending a little more money on to get organic. I know it's a lot, but since I've been having kale a couple of times a week I'm gonna try to get myself the cleanest I can.