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Monday, April 28, 2008

Go Paperless: Digital Magazines?

In honor of Earth Day both the Yoga Journal and Vegetarian Times have recently come out with "paperless" issues. Paperless meaning that you can digitally access and view the issue online. I applaud their efforts, great idea! Using Zinio, a company that specializes in digital magazines, one can zoom in, flip through, and see all the pages clearly. Sponsors are happy, because their ads are still visible just as they would be in the 3-D version.
Sounds like this could really catch on.
I'm all for saving paper and using this medium more often. My only hang-up was that it took a while to load and sometimes there would be a delay in responding to my "flipping" a page. I'm sure the quality of this experience is contingent upon many things, i.e. speed of your Internet connection, how long it's been since you've defragged your computer recently, etc. Check it out for yourselves and let me know what you think. Eyestrain, anyone?

Link for Yoga Journal

Link for Vegetarian Times

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