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Thursday, May 1, 2008


April, the official Earth month, is now over. But what I love is that these magazines, many of which are still available, have a green theme. Amongst my favorite are the knitting magazines. Both Vogue Knitting and Knit1 have excellent patterns, articles, and yarn reviews pertaining to environmentally safe crafting. What's cool is that you can go to the Vogue Knitting website and download free patterns using organic fibers. In fact, there's a myriad of sites that keep up the earth-friendly knitting all year round. Check out They offer yarns thatare soy, silk, and bamboo derived. Do-it-herselfer, Quircky Knit Girl, refers readers to a pattern that shows you how to recycle plastic shopping bags and knit them into a bag you can use at the market. Knitters all over the Net are learning to take the power of their needles in hand and use them to make the earth a happier, healthier planet.

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