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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Staying on the Paperless Path

So I've seen Kindle, a digital reader from Amazon, and devices similar to it a lot lately. Amazon came out with their product back in November. I didn't think it would really catch on, but I read on their homepage today that they're having to work hard to keep up with orders. For book lovers everywhere, it's definitely exciting to know that one day we could carry many books at once in a small hand held device. Obviously, this device takes energy, but it uses a rechargeable battery. This kind of technology could be an enormous development in the fight to save trees and eliminate paper.

But there's a romantic spirit in me that is beckoned by the smell of an old book. This spirit thrills at the odyssey of exploring dusty shelves with 100's of faded bindings in a strange used book store. Think of not rushing out and getting that shiny new copy of whatever you were so breathlessly anticipating to add to your library.

I'll start crying if I think of not going to Strand again!

Maybe there's some sort of compromise. Remember the library? That's a great way of not wasting paper in the production of books. One takes out a book, enjoys it for free, and returns it for someone else's reading pleasure. You're basically recycling. Or maybe book publishing should be once of the last sacred institutions that are allowed the privilege of using our planets trees? Maybe publishing houses should be green and actively participate in reforestation?

Does anybody own one of these hand held digitals readers? Do share!

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